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An interdisciplinary performance encompassing movement, acting, video, music, life stories and a sense of humor.

The show "Gila" shows life through the lens of old age. It illuminates the vitality and power of elderly women, through which the piece examines the meaning of "choice" in the conduct of our lives and the way we "choose" to live them.

The name "Gila", which in Hebrew means "age", "joy", and "discovery", reflects the spirit of women who choose to dance life at any age, and contains the joy and discovery that contribute to a life of vitality.


Premiere at the "Women Festival 2008", Israel                      Artistic Director: Rivi Feldmesser Yaro

עוגן גילה

Photography & Editing: Niv Ben Moshe, Eli Passi

This project examines anew the principles of aesthetics and the archetypes recognized by our global society in relation to old age, by focusing on the aspect of vitality in the elderly. The work addresses the outer image – the aesthetics of the aging body, and the inner persona – the soul and the essence of a woman maturing.

The Participants

Women from the age of seventy through eighty-five take part in the performance. Some are professional actresses who have appeared on stage in Israel and abroad, while others have no stage experience, but have the courage and curiosity to participate in this journey. These include Ruth Ben Israel (recipient of the Israel Prize in Law) and Telma Deem (piano teacher who decided at the age of sixty-four to explore acting and movement). 


“Liss enlightens us with a clear, direct and inspirational point of view… without any faked moments”
Shai Bar-Yaacov, Yedioth

“The texture of motion that is created on the stage is a stunning combination, often comical, of short one-minute stories and a great sense of self-humor. There is also dance and a heartfelt seriousness …and when the lights are on again the audience is mesmerized, enthusiastic, in love”.
Gabi Aldor, Ma'ariv

"It was a moving, honest and genuine evening. The piece overtook me with warmth and calmness from its very beginning. I sat completely immersed as if I became a part of an entire life in a society we are all longing for”.
Yair Vardi, director of Susan Dellal Dance Center

Participants and co-creators :

Hanna River, Miriam Gabriely , Ruth Ben-Israel, Thelma Dim,  Miri Lerman Beer,  Ruth Geller / Sound design and editing: Moshe Shasho / Costume design: Noa Vidman / Set design and production: Gadi Zahor /  Light design: Martin Adin / Photography, design and video editing: Niv Ben-David / Animation: Ram Efron / Performance manager: Sharon Zukerman/  Projection: Doron Atias

Duration: 60 minutes.

The performance was made possible due to the kind support of Matan – Center for Experimental Theatre, Israel Lottery Council for the Art, The Israel Choreographers Association and to the generous assistance of Suzanne Dellal Center for Performing Arts and Naim Studio. The premiere of the performance was shown within the framework of "Women Festival 2008", Holon.

For more information please contact us here

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