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Yuval Sahar Interview Galit on the Portfolio website

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"If you can breathe you can dance"

An article by Bella Robin in Dance Now Magazine Issue 41 - February 22

Fluchkes" The Trailer"

About the movie...

The film can be ordered for screening and meeting the artist 

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Director: Ofer Yanov / Producer: Single Light Production Anat Kandel

Go - report in the Friday magazin of the Israeli TV by Ben Mitelman
GO  -  TV NEWS 24

Ready, Set, Go!

Time Out,

An interview  with choreographer Galit Liss 4/3/2018


A review of his Dana Shalev in Erev Rav internet magazine, on the GO show. The review was published on 27/5/18

"Do You Think Combat Pilots Have Haemorrhoids?: Challenging masculine heroism through ageing feminine corporeality" by Idit Suslik on Go, published in Performance Research, Volume 24, Issue 3: On Ageing (& Beyond), 2019


Putting the 'Go' in golden age.
Jerusalem post, Ori J. Lenkinski Dec.13 2017


"Age is no barrier to dance for these golden girls"

Israel 21C


"Movement of an Adult Body" Anat Zachary's interview with Galit Liss for the premiere of the "557" at the Curtain Up Festival 2014, published on the stage, November 2014


"The Pain is Very Lonely" by Billy Moscona Lerman about the story of Tsila Hayoun and the show "Tzilla". was published in NATAL's "Feelings"

Questions and answers about the show Tsila from "Creators of Interest", by Narda Ben Yaakov. Published on Choreographers Association website March 2012


"Reflections and thoughts in the process of creation on the show revealed" an article by Galit Liss, published in the journal Dance Now 21, 2012.

Science Poetry 2013, Weizmann Institute

Talk about Blue Zone, Israel Festival 2020

The dance performances at the Israel Festival undermine our prejudices about what a normal body is, Ran Brown , Gallery, Haaretz 9/16/2020


Human Landscapes of Compassion and Sobriety - Edith Soslik on Israel Festival Performances. " Dr. Edith Soslik on Israel Festival Performances, The Contemporary Eye, A Space for Interdisciplinary Writing.


"I hope the audience that sees me dancing forgets that I am 80" By Yoav Birnberg , Yedioth Ahronoth, 9/11/20 "


Blue Zone to premiere at Israel Festival next month, By ORI J. LENKINSKI   

AUGUST  2020, Jerusalem Post



Documentary, 54 minutes


The film "Fletchkes" follows five intelligent and diverse women aged seventy-eighty-plus, who stage a professional dance show called "Gila" with choreographer Galit Liss. This is an uncompromising show that challenges a culture that sanctifies youth. The film, as well as the show, looks with open and intelligent eyes at the process of female aging, and at society's attitude towards it. It is based on the participants' personal experiences. The "Flchkes" are the loose part of the arms (in Yiddish), one of the most obvious symbols of the female body's aging, which is usually hidden in shame inside the sleeve, but in the show, as explained at the beginning of the film, it is proudly displayed. The art of dance presents each of the heroines with challenges of body, mind and consciousness, which are not easy at any age but seven times as difficult at their age. In a not-so-simple personal struggle in the face of difficulties, in transitions between tears and laughter, failures and successes, an honest, exciting and intimate portrait of special women who go through a unique and full of life experience unfolds. The film "Fletchkes" was first screened at the Dokaviv Festival, and later at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and other cinematheques in the country. The film was screened at numerous festivals in Europe, the United States, and China, bought and broadcast by a Canadian broadcast channel. "Fletchkes" is his first film as a director by Ofer Yanov, a film and television photographer who worked with directors such as Yosef Cedar and Asi Dayan. 'Ophir' for filming "The Arrangement", "Beaufort", "Baba John".

Participants: Hannah River, Miriam Gabrieli, Rina Ron, Thelma Dim, Ruth Ben Israel and Galit Liss.

Directed by: Ofer Yanov

Production: Lone Flashlight Productions, Anat Kendel, and Ofer Yanov, Israel 2011

Directing the choreography and production of the show revealed: Galit Liss.

Original music: Ran Bagnu.

Still photography: Eli Passi. From the show "Gila" by Galit Liss

Poster design: Nurit Brenda

The film was co-produced by the Second Radio and Television Authority. And with the support of the New Film and Television Foundation.




"The outstanding achievement of Fletchkes" is in the long - long tongue-in-cheek against the psychological and media brainwashing that puts in the corner ashamed anyone who has already celebrated her 30th birthday. " Maariv, Meir Schnitzer


"... the 70-plus heroines of" Fletchkes ", in the captivating film of the photographer Ofer Yanov (" Beaufort ") ... got together to participate in a show by the choreographer Galit Liss, which deals with aging. They are honestly exposed to the camera, and also move beautifully. To the flattering hit "Young Forever" is absolutely coincidental. " TIME OUT, Yael again


"Fletchkes - pure pleasure ... Ofer Yanov directed and shot a delightful fascinating film, and evokes thoughts and questions that are only relevant to the elderly ... Want to order tickets at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque!" Anat Shafran Or - Life According to Literature and Cinema


A sensitive, generous and touching film. Funny and full of insights about life and age. 54 minutes at the end of which you can go out on the street and smile ... " Orit Harel - Motke website



Comments from viewers at the premiere of the Dokaviv Festival


"Charming is a little word about the in-depth experience that this film manages to convey through five wonderful women whose youngest is 77. I saw it today at the Cinematheque and touched on levels I have no words to describe ..."


"The film goes beyond being so exciting and intimate, raising two unparalleled important social and moral flags. "Useless excess. He does all this without the slightest hint of whining and misery - on the contrary, he shows women very proud of what they are!"

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