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On the stage is a group of women whose years are sketched upon their bodies. While most of them danced as girls, as they matured they were required, by their parents, to stop. These women returned to dance at an advanced age, challenging the common conception that sanctifies the younger body in general and the dancer's body in particular. "GO" is a manifesto for this Body.


In this performance, moving side by side are a pilot, a ballerina, and an elderly woman.


Premiere shows : 28-29.12.2017 and 15.1.2018 at the Susan Dellal Center

סימניה Go1

Photography & Editing: Eli Passy / Music: Avi Balali / Logo Design: Nurit Brenda

From the relationship which is built and unfolded between the images and the physical body, questions arise about presence, free will, coercion, and domination. "GO" seeks to expand the discussion beyond the particular body to our existence as individuals and as a society.



The elderly women for pilot-hood 

Liss's choice to open the work with a provocative image of women with legs spread apart, who move the pelvis back and forth, while a woman in the first-row is wearing a skirt that exposes legs and underpants, makes it almost immaterial to discuss the stereotypes of body images among elderly women because she crosses beyond them. The movement of the women is gentle and elegant compared to the screeching IDF march and the hint of nudity and sexuality, while respecting their physical abilities by creating movements that flatter their bodies. It is clear that this performance seeks to present these women as characters full of life and passion, rich in life experiences, and Liss does not fall once in to the trap of images that may turn the situation ridiculous. The dance she created highlights the delicacy, fragility and power that can be found in the body at any age, if you know how to use it properly.

Dana Shalev – Erev Rav, Stage Arts, Review 27.5.18


The women who dreamed of being dancers are finally on stage 

"…A few months ago, Liss brought her creation of "GO" to light. Participating in this piece are elderly women who have an active part in creating it, they bring their own private experiences as women in general and as dancing women in particular to the stage. Now, same as then, Liss's choice is worthy of praise…... There are spectacular and stirring pictures here that bring together the medium and the message, the body that carries and leads the movement, and the artistic movement.

"…In an attempt to connect the personal and the political (which are connected anyway) the evening was embedded with stories, personal anecdotes of the participants. These revealed a private and social history in which women who dreamt of being dancers were not allowed to think it could be a career for them. Those who chose to dance despite this, were considered as "prostitutes", as ones who did not align properly with the slot allocated for women. Other stories dealt with the body, its aging and maturing, what could or could not be done with it, how beautiful it was or whether it is still considered beautiful at all. These were wonderful stories, important, often humorous and some very moving…"

Tal Levin, Gallery, Ha'Aretz Newspaper, Review, September, 2018.

"I stopped dancing and thought it was too late to start again," says one of the ladies. And shows with her colleagues the most beautiful final scene that has been seen at this festival so far.  Apparently, it is never too late. Also, not for getting stormy applause and standing ovation.

Neue Press, Hannover, 04/09/19 

Touching plea for a more soulful life...Stunning simplicity.  

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 05/09/2019


Choreography: Galit Liss

Co-creator and Rehearsal Director: Orit Gross / Creating Performers: Orit Gross, Bina Reincort, Varda Seelig, Shlomit Riv, Talma Dim, Tamar Natanel, Terry Kischinovsky,  Naomi Yahel, Nava Shapira,  Ada Naggar,  Zehava Noy Meir,  Zipora Ram Fink, Mor Chmura , Varda Ginossar – Zakay, Halina Shamshins, Nurit Limor, Hily Gobbrin, Tirza Shpanof- Many

Music: Avi Belleli / Dramaturgy: Nataly Zukerman / Light Design: Rotem Elroy / Costumes: Noga Ram, Galit Liss / Sound: Moshe Shasho / Show manager: Noa Dar / Photographer: Eli Passi / Trailer: Eli Passi / Graphic Design: Nurit Brande

The performance was made possible due to the kind support of the Israel Lottery Council for the Art, The Israel Choreographers Association, The Council for Culture and Arts and other donors who asked to remain anonymous.

For more information please contact us here

סימניה GO 2
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