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Blue Zone

Over the past 15 years choreographer Galit Liss’s work has focused on the aesthetics of the mature body in contemporary dance performance. Liss explores the experience of aging through the body and movement and presents a way of navigating the performative and public sphere - one that challenges the conventional dancer’s body and prevailing social and political perceptions. 


In Blue Zone, a close and intimate performance, an ensemble of women non-dancers between the ages of 67-82, reveal the biography written in their bodies. A collective biography formed in the founding years of Israel, a time of a pervasive nation-building ethos, when personal desire and the individual body were not spoken of. In a constant dialogue between Ethos and Eros, the women boldly return to their personal biographies, allowing space for the Eros, for subjective experience, for their individual bodies and passions as they are now.


Premiered at the Israel Festival 2020

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Photography & Editing: Oren Mansura  / Music: Avi Balali / Logo Design: Nurit Brenda

In this moving and thought-provoking performance, past meets present and collective ideology succumbs to private movements, raising questions of loyalty, identity, place, and home. 

Blue Zone premiered at the Israel Festival 2020


"Blue Zone' is a requiem for the 'Wall and Tower' (Homa u'Migdal) era… Liss and the performers offer a different wall, more feminine and humane, that reflects the notion of collective solidarity motivated by powerful tenderness" 

Idit Suslik, PhD, The Contemporary Eye


“…Liss manages to distill from the performers a rare and sought-after simplicity, an

impressive skill for dancers, all the more so when it comes from a body that has

attained many habits and layers over the years… ״ Ran Brown, Haaretz


The dancers of the Galit Liss ensemble are mature, juicy and wholehearted, free from self-righteousness and over-sophistication, they move between the national to their personal biography, leaving the viewer with the gift of elevation.                

Anat Zecharia, HaBama ("The Stage" website) 

For more information please contact us here

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