Blue Zone

Blue Zone, featuring an ensemble of 12 non- dancers' women between the ages of 65-80, it explores the experience of aging through the body and movement. "Blue Zone" dare to inspire the performative and public sphere – as one that challenges the conventional ideas on dancer’s body and prevailing social and political perceptions . The performers expose the collective biography inscribed on their bodies shaped by socio-national ideas and the Zionist ethos, and simultaneously unravel it, allowing space for Eros and the private body.

In Blue Zone, past meets present and collective ideology succumbs to private movements, and raising questions about, loyalty, identity, place, and home.



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Premiered at the Israel Festival 2020


Photography & Editing: Oren Mansura  / Music: Avi Balali / Logo Design: Nurit Brenda


"In "Blue Zone" by choreographer Galit Liss, a group of 12 women aged 65-80 perform wearing light blue masks throughout the show, a continuous that there is nothing obvious and simple about their performance at this time ....


... Liss manages to distill from the performers a rare and saught after simplicity, an impressive skill  for dancers, all the more so when it comes from a body that has attained many habits and layers over the years; The women in "Blue Zone" are without mannerism, they exhibit a confident stage presence, devoted to the stage image they create.

For Pina Bausch, the performers are more than just a fantasy figure or a body in motion, their body is not an abstract ideal but of paramount importance - it is their real body that expresses their presence on stage. In this spirit, in "Blue Zone", the performers do not "fade" or disappear in the choreography. On the contrary, every move and twitch in their wrinkled faces is fascinating, as they interpret the shared choreography that miraculously reveals their personality.

... As the light goes out: it is not Atlas that carries the world, but an elder woman, small and determined."

Ran Brown, Haaretz, 16/9/2020


Choreography: Galit Liss

Co-creator: Orit Gross

Creating performers: Ada Naggar, Halina Shamshins, Naomi Yahel, Nurit Limor, Orit Gross, Orna Schur, Sara Dagan, Smadar Carmon, Smadar Elad, Terry Kischinovsky, Vered Yatziv and Zipora Ram Fink

Dramaturgy: Nataly Zukerman

Music: Avi Belleli

Costumes: Maya Bash

Set: Iris Mualem

Lighting design: Rotem Elroy

Sound:  Marco Tomasin Milevski

Voice guidance: Michal Oppenheim

Photographer: Eli Passi

Show manager: Noa Dar

International management and production: Alina Feldman

Video and editing: Oren Mansura

Video Mix:  Marco Tomasin Milevski



The performance was made possible due to the kind support of the Israel Lottery Council for the Art, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Rabinovich Foundation, Israel Choreographers Association, Tzahala Center Tel-Aviv, Country Club Kfar Saba and Shamshins Family.

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