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So excited and thankful for receiving the Rosenblum Award for Performing Arts 2022 from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality
Excited about the recognition of the adult body in the field of contemporary dance, precisely in its maturity and non-dancer.
The artistic field is making its way into the social and I thank all the dear women for the Gila project,  you are all agent of change - in your consent to be part and in choosing dancing as a way of life.
Thank you to all the dear women and man who accompany me in this endeavor.
Many thanks to the members of the committee. I appreciate and cherish.

The award is in the category for artists with promising achievements
The committee's reasons - an award for artistic language, which allows mature women to express themselves and show themselves in the public space.

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"Blue Zone" Photograph: Eli Passi

Blue Zone are on vacation. We will be back after the holidays.

New show date will be publish soon. 


October 30, 2020- "Give us the culture back" - a performative protest act by women aged 60-85! , Suzanne Dellal Center.





Following the current situation of closure of all culture activities in Israel, and the quarantine that effects particularly old population that suffers especially from social loneliness,

the women of the "Gila workshops of movement and stage art for elderly women" held a protest action. "We all needs culture as a cure for spirit and soul". 

All the participants wore white T-shirts with their private name and age - written on the front, and the phrase  "Give us the culture back" - on the back.

9-10.9.20 - "Blue Zone" premieres Israel Festival 2020 . Despite the corona we did so and premiered the show Blue Zone in a live and online show.

Photography and editing: Oren Mansura
Soundtrack: Avi Ballali from the work "557" by Galit Liss