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Galit Liss

Galit Liss is an independent choreographer and teacher. As part of her artistic and social agenda, Liss creates with older women who are non-dancers. Her performances focus on the physiological aesthetics of the mature body in contemporary dance and have been performed in festivals in Israel and abroad. Galit is the creator and artistic director of the school of "Gila workshops of movement and stage art for elderly women." There she brings her unique methodology for working with the older body. Her latest performance "Blue Zone" premiered at the Israel Festival 2020.

Galit is the winner of  the Rosenblum Award for Performing Arts 2022 of the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. 

She is a graduate of the program "Artists for Social Change" at Musrara School of Photography and holds a M.Mus in arts from the Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem. She is a member of the Israeli Choreographers Association.  

Began her career as a choreographer, in 2008 with the show “Gila” after teaching and management roles in the dance theater. In 2009, she initiated the "Gila Workshops - Movement and Stage Art for Women of the Elderly Age".

She created a unique methodology of working with elderly women, seeks to celebrate the female aging body in all its’ grace and wisdom, offering a platform of dance through which aging becomes a source of ultimate inspiration and empowerment for self- realization of the aging body.

Alongside with her artistic work, Galit lectures and give workshops around the world. Her lecture deals with the creative processes and the connection between arts and society, emphasizing her experience working with the elderly women.


Places in which she lectures:

Harvard University in Boston (2018)

Oxford University in England (2017)

Jerusalem Hebrew University

Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem

Haifa University (2017)



Amongst her works:

"Blue Zone" - Co-creator: Orit Gross. premiered in the Israel Festival 2020. Artistic Director: Itzik Giuli                                                                                                                                                     


"GO" -Yes Manifesto for the Elderly Body! "- Co-creator: Orit Gross. Premiere at Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, Israel, December 2018.


"557" - Premiere at the Curtain Up Dance Festival 2014, Artistic Director: Itzik Giuli.


"ESHET CHAIL" (A Woman of Valor) - in collaboration with Iris Nise Hadar, premier at the "Between Heaven and Earth" Dance Festival 2012, Artistic Director: Ronen Itzhki and Daniela Michaeli


"TZILA" - Premiere in 2012, at Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, Israel. The performance deals with an inspiring rehabilitation story.


"GILA" - Premiere at the "Women Festival" 2008, Israel.  Artistic Director: Rivi Feldmesser Yaron

*“Fluchkes” - The work process of the show "Gila" was filmed for a documentary film by the director Ofer Inov. The film- Fluchkes (Yiddish for flabby arms) that was screened at the "Doc Aviv" Festival 2011 and in various cinematheques around the world and on few television stations. 


Participation in exhibitions:

"Infinite beauty - Blossoming, Movement, and the Passing of Time" - Curator: Lee Ramon, The Edge Gallery, 2009. The exhibition included still images by photographer Eli Passi and videos of the performance "Gila" by the video artiest Niv Moshe Ben David

"Accessibility" – Curator: Gabi Yair, an exhibition of "Artists Group for Social Change, 2008". The exhibition included a video of the performance "Gila" by the video artiest Niv Moshe Ben.

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So excited and thankful for receiving the Rosenblum Award for Performing Arts 2022 of the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Excited about the recognition of the adult body in the field of contemporary dance, precisely in its maturity and non-dancers.The artistic field has making its way into society and I thank all the dear women for being an agent of change - for their consent to stay in this body and for choosing dance as a way of life.Thank you to all the dear women who accompany me in this endeavor. A big thank to the committee members. I appreciate and cherish.The award is in the category for artists with promising achievements. From the committee - "a prize for artistic language, which allows mature women to express themselves and show themselves in the public sphere".



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