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The elderly body is both a raw material and a source of creative inspiration for this piece. ‘557’ is a work of movement that materializes through the participation of women age 59 to 79, whose bodies – except one – are free of any professional movement encoding. 

Through observation of the physical body and the examination of simple non-narrative actions, a series of metaphors emerge to reveal the body’s multiple layers of social, political and emotional life.  


Premiere at the Curtain Up Dance Festival

Artistic Director: Itzik Giuli 15.11.2014

סמניה 557

Photography & Editing: Oren Mansura / Music: Avi Balali / Logo Design: Nurit Brenda

In a world in which conventions of art and performance are re-examined, this work presents the every-day elderly body – ‘the non-skilled and the unpolished’ – as an aesthetic value, standing in its own right while serving the creative spirit and its expression.


The piece is dedicated to the memory of Efrat Hartal, who was a participant in the creative process. 


"Through the participants, Liss wishes to investigate the status of the elderly female body. While this premise could be in danger of becoming a gimmick or rather a sentimental piece, Liss manages to avoid these traps thanks to her creativity and the space that she gives to her 'dancers'. Tal Levin. Akhbar Ha'eer.

“Liss has already created works with older women In the past, while being attentive to their capabilities in a respect evoking approach […]. There's a lot of magic in this piece."

Ruth Eshel, Ha'aretz 15.11.14



The participants and co-creatives:

Aviva Epel, Orit Gross, Bina Reincort, Galia Gat, Varda Seelig, Shlomit Riv, Talma Dim, Tamar Natanel.

Music: Avi Baleli

Costume design: Tami Chomsky

Light design: Tamar Orr

Photography: Gadi Dagon

Logo design: Nurit Brande

Trailer: Oren Mansura

Thanks to:

All of the participating women – for the journey, the courage and the openness. Itzik Giuli – for the valor and inspiring accompaniment. 

All the creatives involved, the friends and the bodies that joined and supported us: Avi Baleli, Yvonne Miklosh, Iris Nice – Hadar, Gilly Ron, danny and Nurit Brande, Hadass Gertman, Ran Brown, Ranni and Dorit Carmeli , Shai Alexandroni, Tami Chomsky,Tamar Orr, The Israeli Tai-chi Center, Herzliya Municipality - Culture, Youth and Sport Department . My dear family.

Supported by the: Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel Festival and Israeli Choreographers Association.

For more information please contact us here

סמניה 557 2
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